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Dr. Bong Kwoo Cosmetic & Family Dentistry

Vancouver dentist Dr. Bong Kwoo understands that your overall health, mouth wellness and dental hygiene are the essential elements of healthy teeth, for life. Bringing this philosophy to each appointment means your teeth get long lasting treatment in a gentle, considerate environment.

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Teeth Cleaning & Maintenance

Getting into a routine of regular check ups is the best way to keep teeth strong and healthy for your whole life.


Restorative Services

Getting decay isn’t the end of the world. Most can be removed and filled easily, well before any lasting damage begins.

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New patients are welcome!
Here’s everything you need to know before your first visit

Family Dentist in Vancouver, BC

Because teeth change over time, they need different types of care at each stage of your life. If Dr. Kwoo is your child’s first dentist, you’re new to the area or you’ve simply switched practice, his method of preventative and restorative dentistry means you’ll get specialized treatment and tailored care, whichever stage you’re at.

Join us for check ups, cosmetic dentistry and gentle repair — from your first set of teeth to your last!