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I’ve got an emergency, what should i do?
Give us a call and we will find the time to see you. We are open 8am – 5pm Monday – Wednesday, and 7am-4pm Thursday.

Are you taking new patients?
Yes! Dr. Kwoo welcomes the whole family. Simply send an email or give us a call and we’ll get your registration process started right away.

How long will my regular check-up take?
To check the strength of your teeth, look for signs of decay, assess your gums and look at your overall mouth health, please allow for a 60 minute appointment.

I don’t have my dental records and my old dentist has moved away, will this be a problem?
Not at all. Though it’s easier to figure out your needs when we know what dental work you’ve had before, it’s always possible to understand your history with a thorough examination. Try to remember as much as you can about problems, fillings, crowns or surgery you’ve had and we’ll go from there.

When should my child have his/her first appointment?
Come in for a visit when your child’s first tooth appears. Dr. Kwoo will show your child that the dentist is a fun and safe environment. He’ll also give you essential tips on how to care for your child’s teeth.

What about senior dental care?
Dental care for seniors involves the same treatment you’ve been used to throughout your life plus a new sensitivity to your changing needs. Medications, filling strength and dentures are all factors in your mouth health, and getting the right treatment can make a big difference to your feeling of wellness.

What’s the best way to look after my teeth?
Strong teeth come from a healthy diet, regular brushing and good overall health. Dr. Kwoo suggests that you brush twice a day for at least 2 minutes and floss once a day. Eat a diet that’s high in fibre and low in sugar and get plenty of exercise.

Take these simple steps and you’ll have the smile of a 20 year old right into your 80s!

I play a lot of sports, should I wear a mouth guard?
Generally, yes. Contact sports like hockey, soccer and football put your teeth at risk of damage. Even non-contact sports like volleyball or rollerblading can give your teeth a knock that’ll weaken their natural strength. Talk with Dr. Kwoo about which sports you play and he’ll guide you on the best guard to choose.