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General Dentistry

Regular check ups

Getting into a routine of regular check ups is the best way to keep teeth strong and healthy for your whole life. When you visit, Dr Bong will give your mouth a careful inspection by testing for weaknesses and looking for recent changes in your dental health. Visiting your dentist every 6 months is the best way to maintain strong teeth and prevent repairs.


Even healthy teeth need a more intensive clean every now and then. Dr. Kwoo and our hygiene team occasionally use a deep cleaning program to remove the toughest of plaque and tartar without disturbing the natural balance of your teeth. Cleaning also helps to remove any build-ups that could become a problem in the future.


Getting decay isn’t the end of the world. Most can be removed and filled easily, well before any lasting damage begins. Fillings are also helpful for repairing cracked or damaged teeth. All fillings are tooth coloured for unnoticeable restoration.

Children’s dentistry

It’s a busy time in your mouth when you’re young. From when kids get their first set, lose them and grow a whole other lot, your dentist becomes as important as the family doctor.

Dr Bong knows it’s key to make these first visits to the dentist fun, it sets the scene for a lifetime of regular check ups and healthy teeth.


In every instance Dr Bong will try to repair a damaged or painful tooth before it needs to be taken out. Sometimes however, removing the tooth is the best way to restore your overall mouth health. Gentle anaesthetic and a considerate process means you’ll be on the mend in no time.