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Restorative Services

Crowns and bridges

There are lots of ways to repair a damaged tooth. Crowns fit neatly over your tooth and are shaped just like the original; you’ll feel like nothing has changed in your mouth. Bridges are another clever invention.  Bridges replace missing teeth.  A bridge is made up of 2 or more crowns for teeth on either side of the space and a false tooth connected in between.

Bone and gum grafts

Gum grafting takes a strong piece of tissue and places it over a weaker one. It’s a way of repairing where your gums need it most. Bone graft works on the same principle – it repairs in a way that anticipates and prevents future difficulties.


Dentures today are a sophisticated affair. Strong, aesthetically youthful and more comfortable than ever, they fit into your life without interrupting it. Dr Bong will guide you to find the best options for fixed or removable dentures.

Bite therapies

Making sure your top and bottom set of teeth fit together neatly is important to achieving mouth health for your teeth, jaw, muscles and joints. An unhealthy bite can lead to pain in the muscles, joints, and teeth. It can cause teeth to continually chip and fracture. The front teeth can wear down, and become short and unsightly.